Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweet pea shadow

I love the shadows on these sweet pea blossoms.  Something about evening sun on flowers is just so dramatic and beautiful.  It's another Shadow Shot Sunday and this is my entry.

I'm heading over to Vancouver tomorrow for a four-day art course with a friend.  It will be a welcome change from the cleaning and painting I've been doing to our little downstairs suite.  We've been getting it ready for a new tenant who moves in tomorrow.   The art course is "Creative and Architectural Drawing" and I have no clue what it will be like.  I'll let you know.


  1. Lovely flowers and colours :)

  2. What a gorgeous capture! The flowers are exquisite, the colors breathtaking and such a perfect shadow shot for the day! Have a great week ahead, Joanna!


  3. When I have a little free time/coffee break I like to randomly read older post from the blogs I follow. Especially if it a newer blog.
    I enjoy your "you might also like" part of your page and I clicked on "The in between time" post from 31 October 2009.
    I adore the first photo with the green and purple filled walk with trees.
    Twilight is my most favorite part of the day (even if the name has been ruined by that awful book) your photo shows it off lovely.
    Perfect !
    The composition on the sweet pea with light and shadow photo today is wonderful.
    Will you watercolor this one ?

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Oh my, that photo is simply stunning! Enjoy your art course! I can't wait to hear all about it. And yes it sounds way more fun than cleaning! :)

  5. stunning photo with great shadows. I can smell those sweet pea..

  6. Gorgeous!!!! This would be fun to paint.
    Nancy and I visited Victoria a few years ago. We had a great time. It was beautiful.

  7. My favourite flower!! Beautiful:)

  8. Hi Joanna, I like the tendrils, too. You capture such wonderful light in your shots.

  9. That's a lovely shadow shot. Sweet peas are such intricate flowers - and they smell beautiful, too. I'm just catching up!


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