Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Music Festival in Courtenay

This is our second year in a row at this excellent music festival.  The weather was hot, the music was varied and wonderful, and the people were all having a sweet, mellow time.    I didn't take many photos since my battery ran out but there are enough here to give you a flavour of our music fest weekend.  Above is the evening sky at the Friday night concert.

These were taken during the day on Saturday.  This the path beside the woodland stage early Saturday morning before the performances began.

Here is the main stage, where people set up blankets for the evening performance.  It's already getting hot.

But there are paths leading into the woods and down to the river to cool off.

I love these roving dancers, here dressed in raven costumes.  There are many of these impromptu performances taking place at this festival.

This blurry shot was taken in a barn where a group called The Gertrudes (from Ontario, and they were great!) was performing.  I like the energy of the colours even if the photo's out of focus.

And finally a picture of one of the recycling bins.  Recycling is a big deal at this festival.  The volunteers at these areas were so enthusiastic about minimizing garbage.  Just about everything was recycled.

If you've never been to a music festival, I highly recommend it.  They are attended by gentle people of all ages and cultures and it's a great way to spend a summer weekend.  My post from last year's festival gives more details about what to expect. I think they take place all over Canada and the USA in the summer time.

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