Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer party planning and the weather gods

We've been wanting to have a party to celebrate our new patio since it was completed in May.  And so a couple of weeks ago when the sun was shining we picked the 4th of July for the date.  I was sure that by then summer would have arrived.  We sent out invitations to twenty good friends and worked to create some nice outdoor seating areas on the grass and the patio.  I bought some summery table cloths to make the yard look festive. We planned a barbeque menu,  twined some lights into the plum tree and the grape arbour, and spiffed up the garden and the house so everything looks its best. But it seems that summer is taking its time in arriving.

Earlier this week the weather forecast looked pretty good.  It showed a couple of days of clouds and rain and then a shift to warm and sunny weather.  But it seems that the weather gods have it in for us.  The stretch of clouds and rain is hanging on longer than was predicted. There actually hasn't been much rain but it's been cloudy and cool--and now they are forecasting rain for tomorrow evening.  If it comes to pass I guess we'll be having an indoor patio party.  ARGHH!  This wasn't what I had in mind.  I was picturing people gathered outside eating and chatting as the sun set and the twinkle lights and candles illuminated the patio.  Here in the cool Pacific Northwest, however, we have to take our weather as it comes--even in July. At this point I'll be happy if it doesn't rain.  I'm off now to get some food for the barbecue and I'm still crossing my fingers for some sun tomorrow evening. 


  1. Your new patio is Beautiful ! I will keep fingers crossed and send you some of our very warm... better than saying extremely hot, weather your way.
    We are having a cold spell starting the 4th too, only low 100's all week ... break out the sweaters !

    Happy party !

  2. Ha ha! I could use your "cold spell" tomorrow, Parnsip. I guess you're wishing for some of our real coolness. Hope it moderates soon.

  3. Since you have dryer weather than we do here (those darn mountains!), I think that you have a nice day for your party.
    The patio will look beautiful, the food will be delicious and the company good no matter what the weather.

  4. Wish we could there with you rain or shine. I think you will have a great time no matter the weather, and you can always look out the window at your very beautiful back yard. It is the people that make the party. Best


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