Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturna shadows

Saturna is one of the islands in Georgia Strait and a place I go whenever I can, especially in the summer to hang out at my brother's cabin.  Yesterday I spent the day there with him and my neice Callie, age 7.  The day was brilliantly sunny and I managed to get quite a few shadow shots.  I'm posting them tonight in time for Shadow Shot Sunday over at Hey Harriet's blog.  Take a look there to find other shadow photos from all over the world.

This first one is the shadow of the morning sun on the side of the ferry that took me over to the island.

Here it's about 10:30 and the rutted road to the cabin is still shadowed by the tall fir trees.

After lunch we drove over to the beach at East point.  The sandstone below the old lighthouse creates amazing shadows.

Now it's evening and the sun is setting behind the trees and creating shadows and sunlit areas on the woodshed behind the cabin.

Here's the view from the front of the cabin.  My brother has his telescope focused on some killer whales in the ocean at the bottom of the cliff.  That's the shadow of the ubiquitous photographer at the bottom right of the photo.

It was a lovely day.


  1. I truly enjoyed this post. The photos were lovely and I felt like I had been there with you. It was a real oasis in the evening to see this blog post. Thank you.

  2. Oh my gosh that location looks so heavenly! I'd be visiting every chance I had too! Wow! Wow! And WOW!

    Yes, those poles in my sss post are public art sculptures :)

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead!

  3. joanna the dogs - i wonder what ancient memories coursed through their minds as they walked along the track? the sandstone - like whipped cream. what a day!!!! steven

  4. wow, the sandstone looks stunning! Nature's art.
    Sunny SSS greetings from Casa!

  5. Beautiful photos - beautiful location. I love those sandstone formations! Wow, what a great place to explore.


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