Thursday, July 8, 2010

This never happens

It's hot here.  And there's no breeze.  Last night it was hard to sleep.  But--something wonderful happened tonight.  I got to sit outside on my patio with candles burning on the tables and lights twinkling in the arbour and the plum tree as the sky turned from blue to purple to black.  This is very rare for Victoria.  Usually the evenings are breezy even if the day has been warm.  But tonight it's still.  And it's absolutely lovely. 

Here's what my arbour looked like this evening.  And these are candles hanging in my tree. 

Isn't it pretty?  I've been sitting out there for a while enjoying a little glass of white wine and the coolness and the beauty.  Too bad Harry's already gone to bed! 

Ah well.  Beauty doesn't need to be shared to be appreciated.  Now that I've had some time in this loveliness I can retire to my airless bedroom.  I hope you're surviving the summer heat if that's what you're experiencing.  And don't forget to appreciate the beauty of a still evening.


  1. Beautiful !
    I have always wanted to have an arbor that looks as charming as yours. The green is wonderful.
    Love the little lights and I have been known to string them everywhere I can.
    The Monsoons are trying to start again so we are getting our hot temperatures with some moisture added. This is what we expect living in Tucson in the summer but the Sonoran Desert has a beauty all it's own.
    Thanks for such a lovely post this morning.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. That looks and sounds so peaceful.
    Having an adventure like that - in the nighttime - creates a very special memory. Warm nights are so unusual here.

  3. I love your part of the North American continent. I always hoped to live in Victoria or Vancouver one day. Hasn't happened yet.

    found you on "mysteries".

  4. You have created such a peaceful little arbor...

    Happy days


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