Monday, July 12, 2010


We spent the weekend with our friends who live in the Comox valley here on Vancouver Island.  They've recently built a house in the woods on a sandy cape that juts out into the Georgia Strait.  It's a lovely spot beside a marsh that's a bird sanctuary and it's replete with other wildlife as well--notably deer.  There are two resident does, each with fawns that live in the woods nearby.  Paul feeds them a mix of oats and barley and they've become very tame.   Even the occasional barking of our two dogs didn't deter them from visiting this morning.

These are the twin fawns from one of the mothers browsing on the sand bank in front of the house.

And this is last year's fawn, now a yearling, who follows the mother and fawns around.

The mother totally ignores this one--trying to get him to fend for himself I guess.

I'll post some photos from our wonderful weekend folk music experience tomorrow.


  1. The photos are beautiful! I love to watch the deer around my sister's home. I didn't see too many this year, but then again, it was really hot during the day. I did see a lot of eyeballs peering at me from the woods at night when I was driving.

  2. They're so lovely. And rare for us to see here - even in the woods.

  3. Lovey post.
    We have lots of wildlife where I live but no deer. Wonderful photos !

    cheers, parsnip


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