Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What do you do at a music festival?

If you've never been to a music festival here's a pocket guide on what to wear and what to do while you're there.

Wear your brightest tie die clothing,

or (if you dare) your bathing suit and shorts.

Don't forget your sunscreen.

Bring along your "low-rider" chair and make sure to wear a big sunhat.

If you like the music, stand up and clap along.

If the music moves you, dance--by yourself,

or with your honey,

or with your kids.

Rest in shade when it gets too hot,

or take a group dip in the river.

Sleep even.

Sit on the grass and play with the baby.

Hang out on a blanket and visit with a friend.

Go shopping for ethnic crafts.

Eat a treat like a mango on a stick,

and most important of all--have fun.


  1. I want a mango on a stick. Right now. I've never had one, but now I need one.

    What great photos of a day obviously well spent.

  2. Thanks Rudee. I didn't have a mango on a stick yet so I don't know how they taste but I have to say a lot of people were enjoying them. Maybe next year.

  3. More mango questions? Is it frozen? I'm imagining the glorious, juicy mess if it isn't.
    Everyone looks like they're having such a good time...

  4. I think that it may be frozen but I'm not sure. Yes it was a great time. By the way, welcome back Stephanie.

  5. It is fun to look around with the camera when going to a place or market with lot of peopel.

    Well the bird you saw at my blog they are ....blake paint! I put the post in for fun and wanted to see if anyone notice, you did in a way,
    Maria Berg


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