Sunday, July 5, 2009

Flyball dogs and raspberries

I returned from the flyball tournament early enough to water the garden and pick a few raspberries before the rest of my family returned from their weekend adventures. (Harry and Geordie were up at the ridge at Saturna and Jamie and friends were tubing on the Cowichan River.) Isn't summer grand?

The raspberries are fabulous this year. We'll be using some of them tomorrow for our celebration of Jamie's 21st birthday. Meanwhile I'm posting a few photos of some of the dogs and people that were at our flyball tournament. Everybody had a good time--dogs and humans both.

This is Robbie, one of our fast border collies, resting up after a race.

Meghan, the Westie making the rounds at dinner time.

Kota, another speedy border collie, doing his best to look cute.

Team members Linette and Rick, with Duncan the Australian Terrier relaxing on Saturday evening after racing was over.

An opposing team getting ready to race.

Seeker, a Sheltie, and one of our height dogs, waiting for his turn.

These two girls ran dogs and box loaded all weekend.

Maggie (my girl) and Sophie (Linette's girl), both Champion flyball dogs, ready to head home after two days of racing.


  1. Mmm...raspberries. We're missing ours this year. They were just ripe when we left.

    Happy birthday to Jamie!

  2. Hi Joanna - Loved reading the flyball post - have never heard of this before! I own a border collie too. I also noticed you list Karen Savoca on your music interests - I posted a note on my blg after seeing her play in Syracuse last month - she and Pete were excellent! -

    Rebecca in NY

  3. Thanks Steph, I'll pass the greetings on.
    Hey Rebecca, thanks for your comments. You might find that there is some flyball going on in your area. You can check on the NAFA website. Border collies just love the game.
    I saw Karen Savoca at the Vancouver Folk Music festival a few years ago and they also came to Victoria. What a duo!


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