Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The blogging world

It's so easy to get lost in the blogging world. Especially when you don't have to get up and rush off to work (which most days I don't). What I do is slope into the office with my cup of tea and catch up on what my blogging friends are doing and thinking. And every day I find new blogs.

Today's new discovery is ennui, a "design" blog with a giveaway of a pair of cool sandals in celebration of its hundredth follower. Aren't they interesting?

I like the sandals and I like the idea of a giveaway so I'm following the rules for entering. I can't conceive of the pressure of having that many followers though.

But back to getting lost in blogs, it's so seductive to hop from blog to blog and discover new things, ideas, people, places, images, art, books, photos of dogs, and.... Well, you probably already know about this affliction. Lately I'm having to learn new ways to tear myself away so I can take my pooches out for their morning walk. This morning it's raining here so it may be a short one though.

Have a good day all of you in the blogging world.


  1. Awesome sandals!

    I've had a hard time keeping up with blogs lately. There just aren't enough hours in the day when my work schedule is so busy. I try to keep up when I can.

  2. cute post & cute sandals!! i was on unemployment for 3 weeks a year ago and i would get up in the morning and take my coffee to the art room while still in my pajamas. many days i would still be there late in the afternoon and still in my pajamas. hee hee i loved it but did find out that i need a bit more of a schedule.

    enjoy your day!!!

  3. i forgot that i wanted to say that i've given up on being 100% up to date on every blog every day. I try to visit each blog at least once a week. my # of followers has increased a lot in the last couple of months but i still have the same small amount of time to dedicate to reading and commenting. i have a little note posted in my art room that says "collage first, blog later" and i try to adhere to that but some evenings i just feel like wasting time. and then i just allow myself to do it!!

  4. Even on holidays, I have to take some time each day to read the blogs. I can't always comment due to the internet time constraints but I try to read them all. So, it must be addictive.

  5. Good idea Julie about not necessarily following every day. I also like the sign idea, but mine would have to say: dog first, blog later. :)


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