Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ruby Tuesday at Yukon Street

Yukon Street is a row of five heritage houses built up a little hill across from a tiny park in an old neighbourhood of Victoria. All the homeowners have been fixing up and painting these century-old gems and the street is looking pretty spiffy.

My little house is at the top. We don't actually live there now--it's rented out to a lovely couple downstairs and a young teacher upstairs. This red door was created by sponging a crimson acrylic paint over a mango base coat. It gives the door a glow like old redwood, don't ya think?

See more ruby photos here.


  1. Those houses look so nice now. I love your red door. How did you think of that color combination?

  2. Hey Stephanie,
    I'm kind of in a rut with this color combination. I love the soft warm greens with cream trim and I think that deep red goes really well with that. The last three (!) houses I've painted have had that color scheme.

  3. That's a very welcoming and beautiful red door.


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