Monday, July 13, 2009

Vancouver Island Folk Music Festival

We had a wonderful weekend with at the music festival with our friends in Courtenay. Here's Harry and the others with their hats and chairs and their blue weekend armbands ready to head in to the festival site.

Harry and I have been going to music festivals for more than twenty years now and attending one is usually the high point of our summer. But if you've never been to a music festival, you might like to see some photos of what goes on. There's usually a main stage where the evening concert takes place and several other stages scattered around the site where different musicians perform either by themselves or in a workshop with other musicians. Everyone wanders around from stage to stage with chairs and sits down to listen to the groups that interest them. Here are few of the unique sights from the weekend.

Blankets and chairs set up for the evening concert.

One of the performance artists playing in the woods

A couple of young women intently watching the main stage.

A t-shirt with a message,

Pizza envy

A little one taking his mom for a walk

A musician heading off to one of the stages.

Some body art

A stilt walker

For me the highlight was seeing Jennifer Warnes perform her incredibly beautiful vocals.

Tomorrow I'll post some more photos to give you even more of a sense of this magical weekend.

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  1. Keeping the traditions alive...all of them. Looks like a super weekend. Good weather, too. What luck!


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