Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's a dog's life

Somehow the day slipped away and I didn't manage to get in the evening walk with my dogs. I feel so guilty when that happens. But not guilty enough to take them out in the dark.

Even though they're both Border Collies they are very different. And each has a special way of making me feel guilty. This is Geordie's most effective way.

He puts on his most appealing look. It's the same one he uses when he watches you eating a sandwich. After a while if nothing's happening he'll head off to sleep in the closet.

Maggie now, she uses different tactics. She keeps walking to the door and then looking back at me. After a few times of trying this if I still haven't responded, she'll flop to the floor and give a noisy sigh.

When I feel guilty, I remind myself that their lives are better than probably 99 per cent of the dogs in the world--maybe even North America. After all they did get nice woodsy afternoon walk with a friend Sue and her dog. So a dog's life is really not so bad.

This is Maggie on a better day playing her favourite game of "I've got the stick and you can't get it." She loves this game more than anything in the world, except maybe flyball.


  1. What cuties! I'm finding it difficult to get motivated for dog walks in the evening right now because of all the mosquitoes.Thanks for visiting me; I came over to see your ABC post initially, but being a dog lover, couldn't leave without commenting on Maggie and Geordie:) The arbutus is a very interesting tree; I don't think I've ever seen one before.

  2. How could you refuse such a face?
    Your way out of the guilt trip took me back to my childhood...I can hear my parents saying something very similar when I was feeling that I could do with a bit more, or better...

  3. I used to have an Airedale Terrier, Della, who would bring me my Reebok walking shoes when she wanted to go out for a walk. She was so smart. I had a couple of different pairs, one for work and one for play. She never brought the work pair. You can't turn a dog down when she tries that hard, can you?

  4. Rose, yes they are very cute dogs. Thanks for visiting.
    Stephanie, I know exactly what you mean about "you're better off than any child in (INSERT LOCATION) stop whining." It went something like that, right?
    Rudee, that Della must have been one smart dog. It's hard to resist those sweet brown eyes.

  5. oh what gorgeous the looks they give..and one of my favourite breeds :)


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