Sunday, July 26, 2009

Utensils Photo Hunt

I've spent a little while exploring memes and have chosen a few to participate in. This one is PhotoHunt, hosted by TN Chick. There is a weekly list of subjects and if you want to take part you go on a photo hunt for an image relating to the subject. I found this meme by way of a lovely photo of a cup and saucer posted by lissa on her blog, The Memory of Rain. Go see her photographs. They're stunning.

Anyway, this weeks subject is "utensils" so I took a couple of photos of the utensils at my favorite coffee shop, the Caffe Fantastico. It's a laid back place where all kinds of people from all walks of life gather to talk and drink their excellent espresso. You can see two of the barristas working hard in the top photo.

I think I was supposed to post this on Saturday, but I didn't. So here it is today.

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  1. Memes are fun...this looks like an interesting photo opportunity, too.


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