Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My sister's back garden

Come and explore my sister's back garden with me. With decking and plants and lovely accessories she's created a special spot to linger on a summer's afternoon.

As you come out the back door you enter a large outdoor seating area on the deck with a cedar arbour and bench between you and the pink heritage house next door.   Beyond that are stairs leading down to a lower level that's partially tucked under the old apple tree.

Here you'll find another resting spot surrounded by grasses in pots and silver lace vines twining around mirrors suspended above the deck railings for privacy.  

Where ever you look your eyes rest on beauty.  I love this pot with the apple from the tree hiding behind it.

And I also adore the metal crows atop the arbour.

From the lower level of the deck, steps take you down to the back yard area under the apple tree and along a slate path to the vegetable beds.

 There are some sweet surprises here, like the metal dragon, the doormouse and the little Chinese pot.

If you go back up to the lower level and out the other way you'll come to the side yard with more places to sit amidst the lacy vines and the ferns.

You'll also find some little treasures for the eye in this area--beautiful Lantana flowers in a pot and some of Jan's collection of frogs.  

I think her back yard should be featured in a magazine.  What do you think?


  1. it's so pretty and thoughtful and best of all it's inviting. steven

  2. I think when your sister has visitors they won't want to leave in a hurry when they see the garden - I could sit there all day.

  3. I have a weakness for frogs - love the glass one at the end. The garden is lovely with all the little 'rooms' and secret places. Who would ever leave home if they had this oasis?

  4. Garden envy...

    Yes, call up Sunset magazine.

    It looks like a maybe a smallish ? as in not really huge backyard but the space is used so nicely that at every turn there is a treasure to look at !
    Lovely photos.
    Is that a Kaeru ? a little green glass frog ? I have one and gave one to Japanese son when he stated out on all of his travels so he would return.
    What a wonderful photo of it and I think I will now do a post about my little Kaeru.

    Thank You for a lovely post.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Hi Parsnip, I don't know about the little frog as it's my sister's. I look forward to your post about the Kaeru to learn more about them. And yes, it is a small space but handled creatively. I'm so impressed with her design.

  6. What a fabulous place to relax and enjoy the garden! I like when small treasures are placed to be "found" by the eyes when strolling.

  7. She's made wonderful use of the space!


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