Saturday, February 26, 2011

Camera woes revisited

So it turns out that my little point-and-shoot camera can be repaired but it will cost more than $250 to do so.  I've decided that this is probably too much to pay for a camera that's over two years old and has already seen a great deal of use. I'm lucky to have another camera that I can use for blogging.  It's lens is not as sharp but it does ok so I'll just keep on.  I'm thinking to perhaps buy a used point-and-shoot camera for our trip to Italy in June as I'll want something that I won't be concerned about losing.  (More about the Italy plans later.) 

I just so hate this throwaway culture.  Here's a camera with incredible capabilities that cost me $400 and I'm choosing to throw it away because of one malfunctioning part.  I can get an equivalent used one for less than $100 so why would I pay $250 plus to repair it.  But still--the waste of resources really disturbs me.


  1. joanna there's somebody out there who would take it and repair it for themselves . . . a camera club might connect you. i agree about the throwaway piece very much - especially with technology. steven

  2. I certainly agree ... this is a sad dilemma of our time

  3. We see so many cameras in the thrift shop donations. Most are older film cameras but even the digitals come in. Testing almost always reveals at least one problem.
    I like steven's idea.

  4. leave your camera woes behind and join us for a slice of beauty!
    the world's scale seems to be tipping in unrest and loss. i am hosting "postcards from paradise" hoping to encourage the art of seeing, and sharing,
    simple beauty.

    you are a treasure trove of just that!


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