Thursday, February 24, 2011

Capturing the sky

Lately I've been following Kat Sloma's blog from Italy, where she's living for a while.  Kat is an on an inspiring creative journey with photography and she shares her exploration through a series she calls Exploring with a Camera.  Click on the button to the right to see.

This week's subject is capturing the sky. I enjoyed her pointers on sky photography so much that I decided to look through my own photo archives to see what I could find to post.  I've done some selecting and cropping to come up with some images from trips we've taken to the big sky country of New Mexico, Arizona, and Nebraska, with a couple from Mazatlan thrown in.  

These first two were taken on a stormy evening in Nebraska.  I like the reflection of the wet road in the one above and the amazing light in the sky in the one below. 

These two were taken outside of  Santa Fe, New Mexico and obviously the subject is the clouds.

Is this a sky photo or a photo of the rocks?  I like the way I've cropped it to show the big rocks but the even bigger sky.

Trite sunset photo somewhat uplifted by the verticals.

Here the subject really is the variety of cactus but there is a tiny daylight moon in the sky that I think adds to the photo.  Can you see it?

I'm going to link this post to Kat's Capture the Sky series and you can visit there via the Exploring with a Camera button to see other peoples takes on capturing the sky. 


  1. Wonderful !
    I especially like the first photo reflection and the fact it is off center and the light in the second is quite fabulous.
    I am very familiar with the last photo and I do see the moon.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. So many wonderful sky shots! I am so happy you have joined in with Exploring with a Camera. That lead in shot of the wet road with the sky really captured me, just such a feeling of wide open spaces. I love the amazing light in the second and the blue, blue sky of your rocks. The blue sky in that shot just makes it work! Thanks for helping with some blue sky examples where I was completely lacking. :)

  3. I really like your sky shots. I'll have a look at her site.

  4. joanna my goodness! my goodness! those sky shots are incredible! steven

  5. These shots are great! I love the first one especially.


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