Monday, February 21, 2011

Camera woes

This is what the viewfinder on my camera shows--a bunch of coloured lines and fractures.  Yup, somehow I managed to break the LCD.  The internet tells me that this is the most common problem with digital cameras and it's certainly been my experience, as this is the second time it's happened to me.  Both times the display brokewithout my dropping or banging the camera.  However I must admit that I do carry it in my coat pocket so it could have easily happened.

My little Lumix doesn't have any other viewfinder so unless I can get this fixed it means the camera is toast.  I'll be taking it in to a camera shop to see what's possible.  Meanwhile I have an old Canon that I got second hand that I can use to feed my my photo taking habit.  I'm realizing now that I do have a serious addiction to carrying a camera around and my day to day experience would be severely compromised without a camera of some type. 


  1. urrrrggghhhh!
    so sorry for the screen of death!
    lumix, i am very curious which model? i am camera ruminating. too many choices!
    lumix has my interested piqued.

    maybe you could help tilt the scale.

  2. Bummer, what a hassle to have a broken camera.
    I know what you mean about carrying a camera around with you, every time I don't have my camera I miss a fabulous shot.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Gosh - I'd be at a loss without a camera. I'm sure you will be, too - hope there's an inexpensive way to fix it!

  4. the pretty spectrum on the screen is new to me. i didn't know it could happen. cameras travel with me everywhere. all the time. bummer. steven

  5. I've never seen that happen before. How hard it must be to not have the ability to just point and shoot whenever you see a great photo. Hope you can replace it.


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