Thursday, February 17, 2011

Deep into the heart a rose

Too much going on.  Hectic days.  Falling behind with work at the Yukon Street house.  Enjoying a visit from son James.  Not managing to do as much pilates and tai chi as I'd like to.  Feeling overwhelmed by bills to pay, articles to write, meetings to organize, dogs to walk, paintings to compose, decisions to make about appliances.  We're feeling pressured because we want to get the renovations finished by the end of March.

Meanwhile, I received these flowers from a fellow student in my water colour painting class.  She runs a little convenience store and florist shop and she ended up with a few extra bouquets.  It's nice to take a few minutes with the help of my camera to go deep into the heart of a rose.


  1. when i look at roses like these joanna i'm drawn to the gently unfurling helix and then into the layers. then back through the improbably soft shades. i said t my students earlier this week - once you have smelled a rose, you cannot forget that scent. steven

  2. Lovely photos !

    I have always loved roses. My Mum always had lovely roses in her garden so even living in Tucson I grew up around roses.
    I have worn a rose perfume for 40 years now and every time I put it on I still have that moment of walking in my Mums garden.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Steven, yes the curving petals unfurling are so seductive. And you're right about the scent.

    Parsnip, it's amazing how a perfume can evoke early memories. My grandmother wore lily of the valley perfume and every time I smell it or even see the flower I'm drawn back into her memory.

  4. That last photo is just perfect - and the COLOR! Hope all gets done and you can breathe again.


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