Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A snowy day

Yesterday this was the view out our kitchen window; today, it's a completely different look.  We awoke this morning to another snowstorm and the usual havoc it creates in Victoria.

They've barricaded the road down the hill to the highway so we have no option but to stay at home.  Apparently one car slid down the hill followed by several others causing a pileup at the bottom.  We're just not prepared for driving in the slippery stuff here in Victoria, even just a few inches.

This was the first barricade put up early this morning, being investigated by a dad and his daughter on her rarely used sled.  Later on the safety tape was replaced by a more official barricade.

It's predicted that we may get up to 20 centimeters (that's maybe 6 inches) of snow by the end of the day. So, hurray!  A snow day.  I get to catch up on my blogging, and maybe do some water colour painting, plus finish the book I started last week.  If the snow lets up we'll take the dogs out for a walk and a play and then home to a soup simmering on the stove and cozy fire.

But first we have to take care of the birds in the back yard.  The feeder's full of seeds for the chickadees and such, and Harry's cleaned the snow off of the humming bird feeder.  Fortunately it's not that cold so we don't have to worry about the syrup freezing.

This little bird looks a bit chilly though.  Too bad he can't come in and curl up by the fire.


  1. joanna thanks for taking care of the little birds! like the people of vicotira, they are not ready for this sort of thing! steven

  2. Oh, my. What a different spring we're all having. Not like last year's big snow absence, is it? I guess that snow is headed our way. Maybe.

  3. I appreciate snow photos on other blogs other than my own. We've been inundated this year, so it's nice to see it elsewhere for a change. It will make for a lush spring though, so I'm only complaining a little.

  4. When I saw your photo on my blog reader I saw a lime green tree trunk, till I realized when I saw your bigger photo it was your porch. What was I thinking ? No Palo Verde trees in Victoria.

    Your little friend does quite chilly. I wonder where they go at night to keep warm.

  5. Hi Steven, I call Harry St. Francis of Haliburton as he's always thinking about the birds.

    Stephanie, I think it must be headed your way. We got over a foot of snow today. You can't be exempt.

    Rudee, I'm glad we haven't had as much snow as you. Glad we can take some off your hands for a bit though.

    Parsnip, I do love the Palo Verde trees but they certainly don't grow here. I'm told the hummingbirds hide in a corner and go into a torpid state. I don't know about the chickadees and sparrows though. I hope they have cozy nests.


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