Tuesday, November 22, 2011

David Suzuki's thoughts

A few days ago we went to a screening of David Suzuki's film,  Force of Nature, and after that we got to hear both him and Elizabeth May, Canada's only Green Party MP speak.  What a fascinating evening!  The film, Force of Nature is a distillation of this amazing man's life and thoughts.  It's a compelling call to all of us to get mobilized to do something now about overpopulation, climate change, and political apathy.
If you get a chance to see Force of Nature, make sure to do so.  The message in this film could be depressing but he has such energy and optimism and heart that it's actually very inspiring. 

One of the things Suzuki talked about after the film was the need for those who care about the environment and social programs to find a way to get together politically.  He spoke eloquently about the Occupy Movement and how it's opened a dialogue about capitalism and its failings.  And he also said something I've been saying for a while--that the left wing political parties, which are now split into three (Liberal, NDP, and Green), must find a way to coalesce as a valid opposition to the current Harper Government.  Until that happens effective change just won't come about.  

On a personal level, I'm trying to figure out how best to make small changes. Just what to do is of course the problem.  I've decided that what I can do is make sure to speak up about my views whenever possible.  It's important that we all speak our truth and avoid the temptation to shrug things off and ignore things.  We humans are creative and caring and now is the time to start turning the ship around.

If you want to learn about some small ways to make a difference, go to the David Suzuki Foundation's website and have a look around.

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  1. joanna,
    thank you for sharing your views here and those of david suzuki. i will go now to visit his website. i believe we can all make a difference in each and every day. i am so glad to see you speak openly about our shared and precious planet. this should be our priority no matter what.


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