Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Playing around with photos

I've been learning how to use my camera's settings recently through Kat's online course and the last lesson  pushed me to begin exploring the Photoshop Elements program that I received last Christmas.  It's quite complicated to learn so I've been putting it off--but the journey has begun.

Up to now I've been using the iPhoto program to adjust contrast and saturation and color balance but the Elements programs also includes some very cool effects.

Just look at the differences between these photographs of an unknown plant in a pot that caught my eye in the garden shop.  I was drawn to the shapes of the leaves, the veining and the curly part in the centre but the photograph didn't really look like much even with cropping and increased contrast.

But when I added something called paint daubs it turned into something quite different.  The pink showed up a lot more.

Then when I added a holga lens effect it changed into something you might find in the Amazon jungle.

There are also different textures that can be added as layers in a photograph.  I'm still finding my way around this aspect.  Isn't it amazing how much learning there is to be done in this world?


  1. That's a great skill to have. The effects are amazing. Is the color in photo #2 an enhancement that makes it look more like what you see? Just wondering because sometimes it's really hard to get a subject to look the way it does to my eye.

  2. I think so Stephanie. Originally I really liked the veining in the leaves and it shows up more in the second image. I think the pink though was probably more intense than the real thing. But the overall effect was to shaw what caught my eye.

  3. wonderful progression!
    this kind of learning is great
    during long winters...

    xox - eb.


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