Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall inspiration

 This morning the grass was white with frost; very apt for the first day of November.  Time to pull out the winter clothes and the hats and gloves for our walks with the dogs or working in the garden.  We're deep into our fall routines now.

These include garden cleanup, Pilates, and now learning Italian.  We are both attending a weekly class at the university here on Monday mornings.  We're supplementing this with an online course that gives us lots of practice listening and speaking.  It's fun to learn a new language, especially Italian with its lovely sound, and the accompanying idea that we may again travel to Italy.

Meanwhile I'm enjoying the bright fall days and taking lots of pictures of the fall color and in the evenings we're building cozy fires and watching Montelbano, an intriguing Italian police drama to get additional language practice.   Fall is really quite an inspiring time of year.


  1. Good for you to be learning Italian! Can you actually follow the plot of the show? I've never watched anything in another language that didn't have sub-titles. They always make me feel as though I know the language by the end of the movie.

  2. Ah, but it does have subtitles. And thank goodness, without them I'd never be able to follow. BUt it's interesting that even after a month of classes we are hearing and recognizing many words and phrases in Italian.

  3. Joanna, what a great idea to watch a show in Italian. Really helps your ear.
    My daughter was taking Community Collage classes at night after her High School classes ( I drove alot for 2 years) and what she said was hard was not being able to talk to someone on the days she didn't go to class. We started to watch the Asian Chanel on TV just to help out.

    Wow, fixing up the houses, painting electrical poles, taking art classes, cooking classes, book club, walking the dogs, growing grapes, watercolor class and now Italian class, I am so amazed and tired.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Hey Parsnip, when yo put it that way I'm getting tired too! But they're all things I choose to do. I'm so very lucky that I have the time and the energy to do them. I think I'll go get some rest now though. :-)


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