Friday, November 25, 2011

A mountain of leaves

Is it just me or has this autumn provided more than the usual quota of falling leaves?  I've asked others here in Victoria and the consensus is that it's been a bumper crop.  For whatever reason, we've been raking and blowing in our yard for many hours.  And the result has been this mountain of leaves.

Our municipality comes by with a truck to suck up the mountain and we're fortunate that they arrived yesterday--just before yet another storm.  

Do you see that green grass?  Today it's been covered again with a blanket of cedar blown off the trees from last night's windstorm.  I'm  nursing a pulled muscle in my back back from raking a couple of days ago and Harry's out there again with the blower.  But we're not complaining--we're saving money on gym memberships.


  1. Such beauty has a price.
    Hope your back gets better and the blower doesn't throw a gasket !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Wonderful to "see" you.

    Leaves in DC are a serious affair. The city does sweeps of the streets between Halloween and New Year's Day! They use the leaves to make mulch for public gardens. It's a good thing DC has so many public gardens! The thickness of our leaf canopy is amazing to me.

    Happy fall.

  3. The leaves here hung around later than usual due to lack of wind I think. For the most part, they're all down and quite the mess. Our city comes twice a week right now, but that should end soon...just in time for the snow and ice.

    I hope your back is better, soon.

  4. I love the green with the fallen leaves. Good that you have someone to come haul them away. That makes a BIG compost heap!


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