Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dog games

Every morning we take the dogs to the park by the school to play.  For us it's sometimes a chore but for the dogs it's the high point of their day.

I'm learning to use shutter speed in my camera to stop the action and here are a few of the first attempts.  I still have much to learn but thought I'd share these photos of the dogs' games.  They are pretty entertaining.

Here Maggie's running around in circles while Geordie watches the Frisbee sail above his head.

Whenever Mags catches the ball she does a big victory lap around us all.

Geordie sometimes plays with the Frisbee as if it's a squirrel he's trying to shake the life out of.

He's awfully proud when he catches it.  (He's always on a rope in case he needs to be reined in.)

When the games are over we say, "We're going now"-- and that's the signal for Maggie to start leaping around like a baby goat to try to entice Geordie into one more game.

They really are such characters!


  1. They are beautiful happy dogs.. perfect!

  2. Love that goat dance!
    Even though I'm not exactly a dog person, I do appreciate and enjoy watching their games.
    Great shots of these two.

  3. Oh, this was so wonderful. Such great photos.
    Thank You,

  4. I love Geordie's laughing smiling face in the first photo and Maggie happy dance in the last...

    So very sweet !

    cheers, parsnip


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