Sunday, September 22, 2013

A day with Alessandro

Isn't it great when somebody you meet on a holiday becomes a friend?

That's what happened to us when we were in Italy last year. We met Alessandro in the village in Abruzzo where we stayed for a month. Alessandro speaks excellent English and has a strong interest in North America.  We were surprised how much he knew about Canada and the United States.  He also has a passion for the lovely historic towns and villages and buildings in his country.

Alessandro has a law degree and has worked at several jobs but what he really wants to do is be a tour guide to share his love of Italy with people from North America.  A woman from Saltspring Island who also visited the little village is now working with Alessandro to develop some tours of the area that focus on historic sites, cooking classes, wine tasting and Italian lessons.  So two days ago Alessandro arrived in Canada for a visit and to promote these tours.  He was thrilled to be in North America for the first time. We were thrilled to show him around Victoria yesterday and had a great time visiting the Empress Hotel, Beacon Hill Park, Spinnakers Brew Pub and the neighbourhoods around town.

We only had the one day because we're getting ready for our own trip but it was so fun to spend time showing him our city.


  1. WOW !
    I remember that trip and all the fun you both had.
    What a great idea. I hope the tour works.
    I think my comment from the last post was lost ... Have a great trip !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Travel's quite a way to make friends, isn't it?


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