Monday, September 9, 2013

Hundreds of shades of white

We've decided on a white on white kitchen for the upstairs apartment: white cupboards, white subway tiles, and white walls, except for one feature wall.  Picking a white sounded easy enough until we tried to make a decision about which white we wanted.  The cabinets can be painted any colour from a couple of paint stores palettes. And when it comes to white there are literally hundreds of shades.

Just take a look here. This is from the Benjamin Moore white selection. There are 157 whites to choose from--some warm, some cool, some toned with grey or other tints. It's fun to scroll over the colours to find out their names.  I love the different names on paint chips. In fact I've always thought I'd love to have the job of naming paint colours. Maybe in my next life!

In any case I spent the afternoon trying to track down a particular shade of white, called Designer White, to match the cupboard door colour we choose. And to be as close as possible to the subway tiles we've chosen for the backsplash. It turns out that the colour we wanted was taken from a colour fan of a company that isn't represented any more here in Victoria. Finally I found the old colour chips only to find that the particular chip I wanted had been cut off!

Thankfully the kitchen design company let me take the sample door to my favourite paint store where we were able to match it to a colour appropriately called Snowfall White.  It's about as pure a white as you can get, and I think it will look beautiful against the refinished fir floor.

These photos show the walls now that they're primed. The Snowfall White won't be too much different actually.  It will reflect the light nicely.  We're working to deadline now, getting ready this week for the kitchen to be delivered and installed next Monday.


  1. Sounds Lovely. The reflected light should be nice on a gray winters day.
    I acn't wait to see it finished.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Funny thing...we used "Designer White" from Benjamin Moore in our home and going to use it again in our kitchen and one of the bathrooms. I found trying to find the right white a bit frustrating, there is sooo many of them! I had several of those big paint swatches all over our walls, trying to decide on the "right" one!
    Your's is coming along nicely! Can't wait to see the finished product. Have a great day, Cathy

  3. Thanks all. It's going to be pretty nice when it's done.


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