Saturday, September 21, 2013

Switching gears

All summer long while we've been renovating and coping with family illness, the trip to France has been simmering in the background.  We planned it on the spur of the moment when my friend Peggy, who lives in Mazatlan in the winter, wrote me suggesting she might come to stay with our dogs and explore our part of the world.

So we decided to take the opportunity and plan a trip to France.  I've never been there and always wanted to go. And way back in April I put together an itinerary. We start with a week in Paris, then take the train to Bordeaux where we pick up a car for two weeks to explore the Dordogne region and Provence. We'll stay in a little Bastide village called Monpazier and then move to a Medieval town called Uzes. The last leg of our trip will see us drop the car in Nimes and take the train to Barcelona for five nights before flying home.

Then our tenants moved out at Yukon Street in June and we jumped into the renovation so the trip went on the back burner. Now it's time to switch gears and get organized for the trip. Peggy arrives on Monday and we're packing and cleaning and getting everything together.

Just today I'm starting to get excited. This time next week we'll be in Paris!


  1. You sure keep your life interesting. You lucky girl!!! have a great time!!

  2. I've always wanted to go to France too...have a wonderful time!


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