Friday, September 20, 2013

The kitchen's installed

Great excitement the other day when the new kitchen was delivered and installed.  It looks as good as we had hoped.  There will be white subway tiles in the space between the counters and the top cupboards, so just ignore the patchiness in those areas.

Sue chose the chocolate brown colour for one wall to tie in with the brown stain on the island. The counter top is an arborite called Roman Travertine that looks a lot like stone.  It also has some tones of brown and white as well as shades of soft grey.  We think it has a nice contemporary yet classic look.

The fir floor was revealed briefly for this piece of the work, but it has now been covered up again as we continue to paint and finish trim and woodwork and other details.

Well, it's actually being handed over to Sue and Harry's son Ben for a few weeks as we are off on a planned trip to France. I'll let you know about those plans in a day or so.  Meanwhile I'm busy tying up loose ends and getting ready.


  1. Gosh I didn't know about the trip to France ! Oh What Fun !
    The kitchen looks wonderful. You all have done a smashing job.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. The trip has been in the background until now--as we've been so busy there wasn't even time to think about it. Starting to get excited now though.

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