Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Isn't this photograph of two ravens interacting just incredible!  This was taken by a friend of a friend who lives on Malcolm Island just off the north coast of Vancouver Island.  I don't even have her name but when I saw it posted on Facebook I just had to share it. 

I believe this is probably a juvenile and a parent and it captures the essence of these remarkable birds. Ravens are the tricksters in Native mythology and you can really see it in their expressions here.

They are like a very large crow, only way smarter, way cheekier and way more special. They have the most amazing repertoire of sounds, ranging from a harsh caw to a burbling warble. One of my most cherished memories is lying in the grass at the top of a mountain on a spring day and watching two ravens do an aerobatic mating dance across the sky and hearing them calling to each other.


  1. Wow, what a wonderful memory ! What a fabulous photo.
    And I so agree they are so cheeky.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I have a story to share of a Raven trying to carry away a bag of garbage from the back of a truck. The bag was so heavy that he couldn't do it, so he flew away. A couple of minutes later he came back with a couple of recruits and they together took the bag away...I am sure they shared the spoils of their victory! Amazing animals!

  3. Hello, it was me who took this photo, this is actually an adult pair. They had three babies this year who are presently cavorting with other juveniles in the neighbourhood. If you are interested, I will be publishing a 2015 Raven calendar and you can friend me on Facebook for updates as to when it will be ready. Thanks for your interest in my photos,

    1. Wendy, it's a stunning photograph. Thanks for the update on the ravens. I will certainly be looking for your Raven calendar.


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