Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Snow days

We've had snow since Saturday and in this place of mild winters it's a big deal.  The snow when it comes is usually of the heavy, slushy variety.  It flattens all the shrubs, forcing us to head out with a broom to knock icy snow clumps off the rhodos. But that's about all I did except take the dog out briefly. He doesn't much like the snow either.  He'd rather stay inside with me and help me bake chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. 

I had another snow day yesterday with the companionship of a friend's daughter, who was reluctant to head out over the mountain in a snowstorm on Sunday or Monday.  We whiled away the day visiting and watching a movie.  We also had tea and cookies, cooked a nice dinner and drank wine by the fire. I think that's what one does on snow days, right?

Last night the warm air blew in and we awoke to blue skies and melting snow. Naomi headed off and now I'm heading out to catch up on tasks left undone during the snow days.

Before too long the snow will be a distant memory.


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