Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Alphabetical Life

Don't you just love the photo on this cover?  It makes reading look so sophisticated.  When I read I'm usually hunkered down in bed surrounded by a pile of yesterday's clothes and the staring eyes of two Border Collies waiting for their morning walk.

The cover really attracted me and I enjoyed reading this memoir of a life in the book business.  An Alphabetical Life begins with nineteen year old Wendy getting a job in a bookstore instead of going to college.  She has a breezy style even when talking about tough things.  And I really like the title too.

I was remembering my days working in a bookstore when I was at university.  I liked working there because, among other things, I could read books when things weren't too busy.  But what I loved the best was opening the boxes of new books and seeing what treasures there were inside. 

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  1. I remember that I was so jealous of that bookstore job.


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