Monday, March 9, 2009

Now I'm in France

I'm back from a morning trip to dentist on this snowy day. It's time to make lentil soup and hang out at home and check on blogs. The dogs (all four of them) have had a little play in the snow in the back yard and are resting now. My new game is called, for lack of a better word, blog hopping. Start with one, read for a while and then choose from that blog's list of blogs, to hop to another one. The title of the blog may give you a clue as to where you're going, or it may not. I hopped through a few where people were writing very personal stories and then surfaced in France with a blog called Tongue in Cheek, with the most amazing photos and descriptions of life in France. Just the place to hang out for a while until the sun comes out and we can take the dogs for a walk.

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