Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mexico obsession?

Just in case you don't know why I would be interested in Mexico blogs, I should mention that Harry and I have spent five of the past twelve months in Mexico (or traveling there and back). These adventures were chronicled in two separate blogs: To Mexico with Mohita, which followed our sojourn to Patzcuaro and back through Zacatecas and Chihuahua in a 19798 motorhome, and Maggie's Trip to Mazatlan, which covers our two month trip to Mazatlan over Christmas.

Since retiring last January we've decided to create two summers in our year by spending a few weeks (or more) in Mexico. From Victoria it's closer to get to the west coast and we do quite like Mazatlan, but perhaps next year we'll visit another place. We're not ready to completely give up our life in Victoria but it's fascinating to learn about how people live there full time. I've been following some yahoo lists too where people who live in Mazatlan exchange information. I have to be vigilant that I don't spend too much time dreaming about Mexico though, as we are now living in Victoria for the rest of winter, spring, summer and fall. And it's a good life too.

Right now we're taking care of two border collies in addition to our own. The visitors are Geordie's sister Sophie and Maggie's sister Maddie, who are staying with us while Mark and Linette vacation in Hawaii. It's our turn to dog sit after they took care of Geordie for two months while we were in Mazatlan with Maggie.

These dogs have known each other from puppyhood so there is great excitement when they all get together. For sure we'll be taking lots of walks in the parks over the next ten days. We do get some stares when we're out with all four of the dogs.

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