Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Equinox

Today is a quintessential March day--and it perfectly marks the equinox with drizzle, wind, showers, sun, more wind and a lovely quiet evening sky. Finding balance in all these conflicting weather patterns is kind of like the challenge of finding balance in life.

I managed to take advantage of the sun to spend a bit of time with Maggie in the back yard and also to take a walk up to the reservoir. Maggie's enjoying the the new agility jumps that Harry just made. It's so nice to have these training aids. You can see that Maggie just loves this game.

This afternoon Donna and I took the dogs on a new route I've found that winds up a path to the reservoir at the end of Wesley. The graffiti artists do a fine job decorating this big block of a building. Here are my two reservoir dogs posing in front of part of the artwork.

I'm glad it's spring.

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