Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Border Collies in the snow

We still have snow and cold here and spring seems far, far away. But the dogs love it. Because we have four of them with us still, we spend a lot of time walking (or for the dogs, running) at Beaver Lake Park.

The game, of course, is to see who can get to the toy first, and then keep it away from the other dogs.
Here Sophie has it, chased by Maddie and Maggie.

Here Geordie has it, flanked by Maggie on the left and Maddie on the right (the two older dogs) who are waiting for the slightest sign of weakness on Geordie's part.

Sophie's giving us "the look" and snapping her jaws to let us know she's ready to catch the ball.

Here all four dogs are waiting for the ball; waiting to get it and run straight through the puddle.

The snow makes the woods look very pretty...

but here's what happened to the crocus and primula that I photographed on Saturday.

Both my garden and I are ready for some warmer weather.


  1. Those dogs look like they're having a great time. But the poor flowers - not so much. Ours, too.

  2. Aloha Juanita!

    Thanks so much for these great pictures - they had us both laughing out loud! It does look much cooler there than here...not sure what the local temperature is, but nowhere near snowing weather.

    Hugs to you guys and pats to those four-legged sweeties from us!


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