Thursday, April 23, 2009

Healthy breakfast

Harry likes to cook hot cereal in the mornings especially when it's chilly. We learned from our friend Kath to actually cook the fruit in with it and it's so tasty. You just toss in chunks of fruit from the freezer when it's simmering and even bananas (not frozen) are good when cooked. It's a favorite at our house. Now that it's getting warmer we'll shift into Harry's other specialty--a mix of cottage cheese, lemon yogurt and fruit (fresh, frozen, or dried) with a little granola sprinkled on top. Feels healthy and tastes yummy.

I was inspired to post about our breakfast by a blog with amazing photographs--simply breakfast. It makes me hungry just looking at them.


  1. Will keep this in mind for the HoneyHaired Grrrl. Right now she's hooked on grits. Her mama starts the day with coffee, coffee, coffee. Would so like for her to have better habits:>)

  2. But what are grits? I've heard the word but think of it in connection with hominy--whatever that is. It must be an American thing that hasn't made it as far north as Canada.


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