Monday, April 20, 2009

Leonard Cohen's coming to town

About a month ago I did something I've never done before--I lined up to get tickets for a big concert. I didn't camp overnight or anything like that but I got down to the ticket office an hour before the Leonard Cohen tickets went on sale for his Victoria concert. I'm so excited to be able to see this concert tomorrow night. He's been one of my favourite singer/songwriters since I first heard him way back in 1967.

I saw his poetry book, Flowers for Hitler, in the bookstore where I worked and shortly after that I heard Suzanne and some of his other early songs. They still can send chills up my spine. I love his songs. When I was in university he came to Vancouver and although I didn't get to see his concert then I recall that a friend of a friend did go--and claimed that she spent the night with Leonard. I'm not sure if I believe that but you never know. It was the 60s.

Harry and I did get to see a Leonard Cohen concert here about 12 years ago and he put on a wonderful performance. I'm so looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow night. I love his albums, all of them, and also the wonderful album by Jennifer Warnes called Famous Blue Raincoat. So it doesn't really matter what songs he does, I know that I'll be happy.


  1. You are so lucky to have tickets! Have a great time at the concert! If you post what the concert was like then visit 'clearlyflew' and let me know and I'll feature your blog!

  2. We went to an after party where he made a brief appearance back in the 60's. I think he's so much better now...and he was good then.


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