Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturna Island Easter

Here's a pictorial sampling of the festivities on Saturna Island on a rainy Easter weekend. The ferry arrives at 10:30 and we stop at the community hall for the annual Easter bake sale and tea.

There is a lineup to get in because everyone wants to snap up the cookies, pies and cakes, not to mention the native plants at the plant table. Tea is served with homemade welsh cakes and there's a raffle with amazing prizes like a truck-load of sawdust (!) plus other treats. But for the kids, the highlight is the cakewalk. Here are some of the cakes to be won.

And here are some of the contestants hoping to be on the magic number when the music stops.

After the tea we headed up to the cabin on the ridge to start cooking for the big party at the barn.

We were bringing dinner down for 18 people so it was a big job to get it all ready on the woodstove, but we managed with the help of a few people.

My cousins at the farm had prepared a beautiful table setting, and I cooked the vegetables at the last minute in the electric wok.

It was a lovely dinner and enjoyed by all.

The farm dogs waited outside for their leftovers.

Sunday morning we awoke inside a fog bank. Because we're so high up, we are often actually inside the rain clouds--and when it's windy as well, it's pretty wild.

The Easter Bunny made it up there though, and Callie found lots of treats hidden around the cabin. Later on she and her parents went down to Winter Cove for an island Easter Egg hunt. For this one, hundreds of wrapped chocolate eggs are tossed everywhere into a field and every kid on the island goes down to gather them--even in the rain. The rest of the day we hung out at the cabin, warmed by fireplace and woodstove and doing indoor things.

This is Easter in the west coast island style.


  1. An Easter location to be envied. It looks idyllic and sounds timeless.

  2. Yes, it's a special place--and hasn't changed much from when we visited as kids about 50(!) years ago.


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