Wednesday, April 8, 2009


A couple of years ago my sister brought me a bunch of pussywillows she'd picked out in the woods. I put them in a vase and then left town for a couple of weeks. When I got back I saw that the stems had developed a healthy network of roots so I stuck them in a pot on the back porch. Since then the stems have grown in a scraggly, twiggy way and I wasn't all that pleased with the way it looked. But a few weeks ago this plant grew some gorgeous pussywillow flowers at the end of a few of the branches. They were a lovely soft silvery grey, and even more amazing, this week the flowers put out little spikes of vibrant yellow pollen.

You can see here how amazing these little beauties are. They're not showy like the primroses or even the flowering current...

but what an amazing range of colours this plant shows with the red of the stems and the bright green leaves against the soft greys and the acid yellow pollen.

I'm really slowing down and seeing plants in a new way this spring. I love it.

Today we heard from Saanich that our driveway permit has been approved so we will be forging ahead with our front yard redesign next week. Hooray!

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