Thursday, April 30, 2009

The sufferings of Mexico

Mexico's been hit with yet another public relations problem with the advent of the swine flu scare. It wasn't enough that people weren't visiting because they feared being gunned down by drug cartels. Now flights are being canceled and vacationers are exiting en masse. I've been following some reports from bloggers in Mexico about the impact of the swine flu scare on tourism in the towns and cities there. It's grim. Hotels and restaurants are closing and staff are being laid off. With no tour ships coming in the tourist services are hurting. For a country that depends so much on tourists for its economic life, this quarantine could be a death sentence for Mexico (at least the tourist areas) if it goes on for too long.

Already in Mexico City, where everything has been closed for several days, the financial impact of this crisis is estimated at 57 million US dollars a day through lost economic activity. This information comes from here. Poor Mexico.

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