Thursday, April 9, 2009

Knockan Hill wildflowers

My sister Jan and I took the dogs (all four of them) up to Knockan Hill today for a little walk. Even though the sun was hiding behind some clouds it was a lovely experience. All of a sudden the fields and woods are full of wildflowers. The first thing we saw was the Avalanche Lily (also known as Easter Lily) on its elegant curved stem,

then the delicate yellow cinquefoil,

followed quickly by the Shooting Star and the Satin Flower.

Jan told me the name of this little yellow multi-flowered one, but can't remember what it was. It's tucked right into the grass and you'll walk right over top of it if you're not careful.

Here's Jan and the dogs checking out the view from the top.

Here's an amazing tree trunk,

And here's the last flower we saw on the way back down the hill. Jan calls this one Indian Plum.

I'm so impressed with the ability of my little digital point-and-shoot camera to capture these lovely flowers.

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  1. Came from the Shadow site but stayed for the flowers. Wonderful! And the pussy willows are especially wonderful. Isn't it great when they root and you get a new free plant? I have some curly willow in a glass vase ready to plant also.


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