Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall is for organizing and packing

Now that my event is finished I'm transferring my energies to the next task:  getting ready for our winter trip to Mexico.  We're leaving the middle of November to drive south to Mazatlan, where we've rented a house for the months December through March.  We have people staying in our house while we're away so there's a lot of packing up and cleaning to do before we leave, as well as packing for our trip with both the dogs.  This will be the third winter we've spent some time in Mexico, but this year will be the longest time away.  I'm really enjoying fall (out of the corner of my eye) as I begin the job of organizing my house and packing up.

These are tomatillos from a little plant I put in the garden in the spring.  They're actually quite good, especially in salsa.


  1. mexico!!! wow lucky you. steven

  2. Is it that time already? It's been an eventful year.


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