Wednesday, October 14, 2009

M is for Mohita

We have a special spot in our hearts for Mohita--our ancient trusty motorhome.  We bought her about five years ago to take a road trip to Mexico and we've spent many months camping all over three countries.  She's kind of clunky and old fashioned but she's taken us on roads from Northern Vancouver Island, east to Nebraska and south as far as Patzcuaro in Michoacan, Mexico.   She's over 30 years old and still going strong, although we've had to do quite a few repairs while on the road.  That's all part of the adventure.

Here are a few photos taken on trips.  At the top she's posed in front of red cliffs in Utah.  Below in a Walmart parking lot in Eureka Oregon during an ice storm, in a courtyard in Guymas Mexico, parked on the street in Missoula Montana, and beside a beautiful Wyoming river.  We love this old girl.

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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing the world travelling in a nicely kitted out motorhome. Nice photos.

  2. You have to love that kind of gutsy workhorse longevity. And, the places she's been!

  3. We've been thinking about getting a motor home and travelling around the country - Canada and the USA. Must be fun (except for the close proximity of the *ahem* 'facilities'.) lol

  4. We had a motor home for ten years when our kids were growing up and it was the best traveling experience ever and the only way to travel with four kids ages 18 mos to 6 years!!

    Fun post for the M day!


  5. My in-laws got a motorhome just when gas started going through the roof. They like it more now that it's not as outrageous to travel.

  6. I traveled like that for some time and absolutely miss it. Great photos!


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