Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Too much temptation

I don't buy cookies.  And especially not chocolate mint sandwich cookies covered with chocolatey coating.  Except when they're brought to my door by three adorable little girls in girl guide uniforms.  It's my downfall.  How can you say no to those eager faces, or to the mother who is chaperoning them around the dark neighbourhood just after dinner time? 

So of course I bought a box.  Just one box.  They'll be nice to have with tea after dinner, right?  Well, yes!  But also after lunch, and with a glass of milk in the afternoon, and it's nice to have something to nibble on while at the computer....  You know how it goes. 

We've had the box less than 24 hours and this is what's left! 

That's why I don't buy cookies. 

PS:  I'm not even going to look at the ingredient list for these cookies.


  1. Yes, I was thinking something like that last night as we inhaled far too many after dinner.
    But after spending almost 25 years in Girl Guides - as an adult - I know what purchasing these cookies does for the programs for those adorable girls in uniform.
    For the first time, I'm getting mine from my grand-daughter who is a brand-new Spark. So, on her behalf as well as all those girls, leaders and parents out selling right now, I say Thank You.

  2. I love Girl Scout cookies here in the states. Ours are sold late winter/early spring. It's a sure sign of the season. THin mints are my favorite.

    If you've had them since yesterday, I'd say you're doing well.

  3. Stephanie, I was happy to contribute, and I enjoyed the cookies too.

    Thanks Rudee, we didn't quite last 24 hours. They're gone now. But what a treat!


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