Friday, October 23, 2009

Standing up for what I believe

Standing up for what you believe--it doesn't sound that hard to do, does it?  That is, until your beliefs stray in the woo-woo realm.  I've been involved in spiritual thinking and searching for meaning in life beyond the parameters of conventional religion for decades now.  But I've always been very careful who I talk to about my beliefs in reincarnation and the spirit guides. 

I'm actually quite a scientific and pragmatic person.  I don't take things on faith; I look for proof and can be quite a skeptic about some things.  But my experiences with Jane and her channeling of spirit guides has convinced me that this is the real deal.  What I've learned through these beings has resonated in the deepest part of my being.

I don't really like the label "new age" and I'm not really into crystals or homeopathy or astrology or any of those things--although I respect others' interests and beliefs in these things.  Just as I respect people's belief in an all-powerful, all-seeing God, or Buddha, or Mohammed, or Jesus, or any number of spiritual leaders that this earth has seen. But for me all of these belief systems with their rules and creeds seem kind of narrow.

So I've kept my beliefs to myself for a long time, but now it's time to go public.  I don't feel like hiding a part of myself any more.  I think it's odd that mainstream religions can talk about their beliefs in bodies ascending to heaven, or gods with six arms, or the rapture, but my sense of having helpers in spirit and coming back to this earth to continue learning and growing makes me "a flake."  Recently I've had a hard time getting our posters for our spirit guides event put up around town.  Also I'm seeing a lot of them taken down, and one was even set on fire.

I understand that some people have rigid ideas about how things are and should be, and that some people are less respectful of others beliefs than I am.  And I'm ok with that, especially since as balance I've also found some wonderful support and interest in these ideas from different areas.  We invited a writer with a local newspaper to meet her spirit guides and she wrote a glowing article about our upcoming evening.  I wish I could post a link but it's not online anywhere, just in a weekly newspaper.  Our ticket sales have really picked up this week and we'll probably end up being about half full tomorrow, which will be just fine.

Tonight Jane and I will stand up in front of an audience and speak again about our understandings and we'll offer people an opportunity to experience the love and support that's there for them form spirit companions.  I'll let you know how it goes.  


  1. Well said...I applaud you. It's a bit like coming out of the closet, isn't it?
    Ignorance seems to be such strong and negative force. I think too many people today are fearful of those things which do not conform to some very narrow world-views.
    I wish I could be there for your event.

  2. hey joanna - you know that much of what passes as ignorance is also fear. the idea that there might be more to this place than literally meets the eye is more than a lot of people can allow into their understanding. it's where they are. i believe that people are available to the riches of this world to the degree that is practical in terms of their spirit's needs on its journey through this plane of existence. knowledge, creative expression, love, insight all reaches people when they need it and are available to it. good luck with your presentation!!!! steven

  3. Thank you Stephanie. Yes it is like coming out, for sure.

    Steven, well said. you're so right that people are at different stages in their evolution of consciousness and everyone is in a place where learning is possible. Thanks for your good wishes.

  4. down thru the ages people have been skeptical about new or different ways of thinking. sometimes it is human nature to criticize what we don't know or understand. for some i'm sure there is an element of fear. i feel very blessed that i've always had a very open-minded approach to life, people and their beliefs. i certainly don't know much about the big mysteries of this world; i do believe that virtually anything is possible.

    good for you that you're standing up for what you believe. just by taking a stand you're miles above many who never find a cause or belief worth standing up for.

  5. Julie, thank you for those very kind and supportive words.


I really appreciate your comments.