Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shadows in the landscape

Having just returned from over two weeks driving across the north western part of the US (Washington to Nebraska and back), my mind is still full of images of the wide-open landscape.  Here are a few shadow shots from this trip.  More shadow shots can be found here.


  1. A lovely series of scenic shadow shots. Looks cool where you live!

  2. Awesome shadow parade! Loving all of them.

    You go girl! Job well done...

  3. oh thankyou thankyou thankyou!!! look at those wide open spaces and gentle undulations . . .i have to visit there!!!!! thanks for the amazing journal of your journey. now print it off, cut and paste it into a little journal and keep it for when you're older to look at and be amazed by yourselves!!!! steven

  4. beautiful openm landscapes, lovely photos...

  5. What beautiful landscape I haven't seen in quite a while, makes me homesick for trip to Colorado!

  6. Beautiful. I especially like the hill.

  7. What a lovely collection of shadow shots! Love the reflections in the water, too!



  8. Nice. I have two favorites: the clouds on the hills and those two stretched people shadows on the golden grass. Really mellow colors.

    For just a little jaunt to Nebraska, this turned into an awesome trip. It was fun to go along with you.

  9. Wide-open spaces
    stretch far as the eye can see—
    I’m feeling so small.

    My Shadow Shot

  10. Thanks everyone for your comments. It was indeed quite a trip. I had no idea the width and breadth of this area of the USA.
    Steven, you're quite right--it will be a long-term memory.
    Stepahnie, those are my two favourites as well. Glad you enjoyed traveling with us!
    We're back home now and really appreciating the trees and mountains here. That's one of the benefits of travel: enjoying the view at home.

  11. Hi Joanna

    these are great photos showing the expanse of land and the subtle colours which are just lovely...

    the late afternoon sun on the field is in great contrast to the sky...

    Happy days


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