Monday, May 10, 2010

The back deck

When we moved into this house almost four years ago there was a little back deck with very dated railings.  We removed the railings and added some lattice and a few potted plants and it's served us well.  
But my dream has always been to have a ground level stone patio where we could have a table and chairs set out for an al fresco lunch under a tree.  And recently I decided to spend the last of my little inheritance upgrading the back yard area.  I may never get to Provence but I can create my own French countryside, right?  This is where we spend most of the time in the summer so it only makes sense to create as much beauty as we can here.

My first plan was for two wooden platforms leading down to a large slate patio.  But when we consulted with the experts, we learned that natural slate is beyond my budget and not very practical either.  Now we've come up with a revised design using stone-like pavers on two levels and a granite wall.  The new design eliminates the wooden platforms (and the maintenance) altogether.  This is a boon!  The other good thing from Harry's point of view is that he won't have  to build the new wooden platforms.

We're going ahead with the design and over the weekend we prepared by removing everything from the deck... 

and today the workers arrived to dismantle it.  Here's what it looks like tonight after removing the deck and breaking out a couple of little concrete areas.  It's very bare and utilitarian looking right now.  (Not at all like Provence!)

Those little temporary steps are the way we get in and out for now.  My dear dogs are having some trouble adapting to this change.  They stand at the back door and look hesitant, then they go carefully outside.  Maggie (the princess) doesn't like standing on the gravel at all and stands way out on the grass waiting for the door to open.

Tomorrow they'll bring in the excavator and begin the real work. It should be done in about ten days.  I hope it looks as nice as it did in my fantasy!


  1. It's very green in your neck of the woods. I've been pondering my own back deck. Do I enlarge the wood deck? Rip it out and do stamped concrete? I just don't know. I'm going to think on it for a bit and watch your progress here for inspiration.

  2. Your vision sounds idyllic. Good luck with all the changes...nice that you can just sit back and watch them build your paradise.

  3. Sounds exciting! Hope that it turns out the way you had envisioned it!

  4. Yes Rudee, best to learn from someone else's experience, right?

    Stephanie, I'm so lucky to have some money to get this done because if it were up to Harry and me it would never happen!

    Jeanette, thanks. I hope so too. It's always hard to picture what something will look like.

    I'll keep you posted.


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