Monday, May 24, 2010

A Saturna Island weekend

Come along with me for a little getaway to one of BC's beautiful gulf islands.  We have to get up early to catch the 8:15 ferry, which leaves from Swartz Bay and takes us part way across the Strait of Georgia. 

After picking up a few more cars at Pender Island we arrive at the Saturna ferry dock around 9:45. It's a special weekend celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday and in typical island fashion there are events scheduled.  This evening we'll be attending the annual pig roast at the community hall.

And this morning it's the annual spring garage sale.  Absolutely everybody's there scooping up bargains.

This canoe caught our eye but after a close examination we decided to leave it for someone else.  (We have enough projects underway at home!)

After a quick stop at the recreation centre to see the pig roasting for tonight's dinner we head up the mountain. It's quite a climb up through second growth forest, right to the top of Brown Ridge where the cabin sits alone between a grassy field and an amazing view of the islands below. Here's the gate with its utilitarian latch, and once inside we bump along the rutted road beside the field.

No sheep in the field today--just these three deer enjoying the meadow grass.  They jump the fence to get in and out as they please.

Finally we're at the cabin.

But before we head inside you'll want to walk over and take a look at the view.  Maybe even sit for a while.

Eventually we'll be saturated with the view and head inside the cabin.  Here's what we see from the front window through the coal oil lamps.  These aren't for show; we use them for light in the evening since there's no electricity up here.

Lunch will be sandwiches made by my my seven year old niece Callie with the help of her mom--

and supervised by our two border collies (always hoping for a crumb to be dropped).
After lunch we'll head out for a walk along the Brown Ridge trail. 

The dogs will come of course.  This is their favourite part because they can romp and run as far and as fast as they like, and pick up huge sticks.  The scenery is not a priority for them.

So now that we've had our exercise, we can while away the afternoon tending the fire in the wood stove, chopping wood, perhaps reading a book or playing a game of cards.  If you're tired from your early morning, you can even take a nap.

When dinner time arrives we'll head down to the rec centre for the pig roast.  This is a community event with long-standing traditions. The carving is always done by my relatives.  Here's my cousin Nan  and her 92 year old father doing the honours.

Of course there are door prizes and lucky Callie wins the big stuffed piggy.

The sunset marks the end of a special Saturna Island day.  I hope you enjoyed it too.


  1. That was a lovely day Joanna. I enjoyed the walk along the ridge and the marvellous views. What a beautiful retreat. Do you go up there often, that is when you are not in Mexico?

    Happy days

  2. Hi Delwyn, I'm glad you enjoyed the island day. My brother's cabin is a gathering place for us a few times a year, but not in winter because the winds up there are wild. It's best in the warmer weather.

  3. What a lovely way to spend the even found some sunshine. The views are gorgeous. Callie is growing yet the pig looked as big as she is.

  4. ahhhh joanna absolutely enjoyed it! the view, the coal oil lamps . . . oh my oh my!! steven


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