Thursday, May 20, 2010

The joy of childhood

Just the other day I heard some wonderful advice for people who might be feeling despondent about their life.  The prescription was to go and sit in a park and watch children playing and remember the joy you felt about life in childhood.  I think this is such an excellent idea.  So often we get caught up in all the "have tos" and worries and anxieties that we forget to just be in the moment.  These children show us how.  The photo of boys jumping off the stone stairs was taken this winter at the Plaza Machado in Mazatlan.  The other one is an arty shot of my niece somersaulting in the long grass.  Don't they just make you remember how it felt to be a joyous child?

What joys do you recall from childhood?


  1. Wow! You perfectly captured the joy of childhood in these photos! What do remember? The irrepressible since freedom riding my bike, my hair lifted by breezes that cooled my sweaty little head. Heavenly! I thank you for the memory!

  2. i remember hiding in the woods, building forts, biking (of course!) jigsaw puzzles made out of cubes so you could make six different jigsaw puzzles with the same set of cubes! lovely post. steven

  3. In the summer, we played from dawn to dusk and then slept like the dead, completely satisfied. What was amazing was the ability to get up the next day and do it all over again!

  4. I remember needing to run and run and run when spring came. I still get that feeling each year.

    Like Rudee, I also played outside as many hours as I could when the weather turned fine. If I stayed in the house, Mom would be sure to find a chore or two for me to do.


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