Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting back to normal

I cannot believe how tired I am after organizing and participating in Friday's big event.  My friend from Vancouver was over on Friday and Saturday to attend and we had a little dinner party on Saturday with Jane and her husband and a few friends.  Kath left on Sunday and I just collapsed.  Today I begged off of going to pilates and just stayed home and rested.  I'm hoping that by tomorrow I'll have recovered enough to cope with some scheduled things I have to do.

It seems that everyone involved is experiencing the same need for a few days of recovery.  It's been a huge exertion of energy and focus for many people.  That's what it takes to pull something like this off. 

A big surprise this morning was a very even-handed article by the movie writer in our local newspaper

After such a nice article we'll have to work extra hard to get back to normal.  But I think we're all looking forward to it.  That pace cannot be sustained.   Sunny days ahead and maybe some relaxation.

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  1. Just chillin' on that beautiful patio will be a welcome reward for all your efforts. Well done for planning ahead...


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